City In Chains: Some More Links

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My “City In Chains” project received a fair amount of media attention this week. It’s always a pleasant surprise when strangers show interest in my work, so many thanks to the writers and bloggers who deemed the project worthy of their time. The idea actually came to me just last week — it seemed so obvious I was surprised I hadn’t thought of it sooner! Here then are some links to the best “chains” reactions:

The Huffington Post
Fast Company blog Co.Create article by Joe Berkowitz
Fast Company Co.Design article by Dan Nosowitz
Dashburst article and interview by Lauren Mobertz
Design Taxi
Under Consideration blog Brand New
Mediabistro blog Stock Logos
Feel Desain
Mexican design blog, Paredro (en español)
Downtown blog Bowery Boogie
Animal New York
Notes on New York
Trend Hunter: Part 1 / Part 2
Show America

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