Anyone who’s spent more than twenty minutes in my company will know that the 1990 World Cup was a highly significant event in my life. It was the tournament during which I became a fully-fledged football fan and obsessive observer of the beautiful game. Long after the tears had dried and the dust had settled, I decided one evening to recreate the unforgettable details of Italia ’90 the only way I knew how: in comic book form! What began as a casual lark soon descended into an exercise in meticulousness that lasted several months. Remember, this was long before the internet, and when my memory failed me I was forced to consult dog-eared magazines and worn-out VHS cassettes for accuracy. Sadly, and quite inexplicably, the comic comes to an abrupt end mid-way through the first semi-final between hosts Italy and holders Argentina, leaving this ambitious project to this day incomplete.


You can read the (almost) complete comic book story of Italia ’90 by clicking HERE.

Italia ’90 Comic Book

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