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Since 2013, World F.C. has been creating t-shirts featuring the best graphic design representing the planet’s most popular football teams. I’d been a fan of their work for a while and so I was delighted when they asked me to design a shirt for Fiorentina. Evidently they’d caught wind of my purple allegiance and my tendency to wax rhapsodic on my beloved Viola, as they also asked me to write the blurb to accompany the final product!

Check out both here. Or here.

World F.C.’s “Calcio Collection” featured in 8by8 magazine.

As my hometown club Leicester City charged towards an historic Premier League title last season, it occurred to me that World F.C. should honor the Foxes’ unprecedented feat with a t-shirt. Naturally, as a Leicester fan I was the right man for this job too.
You can buy the “Foxes Never Quit” tee here!

World F.C.

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