The Artwork of John Lennon

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This afternoon I went down to Greene Street to see an extensive exhibition of John Lennon’s ink drawings and sketches, and event devised by Yoko Ono to coincide with what would have been the former Beatle’s seventy-third birthday. Equal parts humorous and poignant, most of the work on show dates from Lennon’s solo years spent living with Yoko in New York. There are several amusing cartoons depicting their domestic life at the Dakota, plus some pretty family portraits in Japanese ink. Also of interest is a series of colorful children’s book illustrations based on animal puns. Perhaps of greatest interest is Lennon’s infamous Picasso-inspired “erotic” series. These large graphic sketches caused such a furor when they were first exhibited in 1970 that they were quickly confiscated by the police amid suggestions that they be destroyed. The show also includes hand-written lyrics to some of Lennon’s most celebrated compositions.

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The Artwork of John Lennon is only on for another couple of days so if you dig this stuff check it out. All proceeds go to benefiting Citymeals on Wheels. For more information click here.

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