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I was compelled to create a numerical typeface for adidas in 2012 after seeing the latest design the German sportswear giant were to use on team’s shirts at that summer’s European Championship. Since the 1970s adidas has pioneered the use of bold numerical designs for football jerseys, but recent designs have been a bit uninspired. 2012’s design seemed to be a variation of the Din typeface, a version of which was used by Nike at the 1998 World Cup. The 2014 font had more character, but I felt the numbers and letters were a little small and narrow.

The Drei Streifen typeface is inspired by adidas’ “Three Stripes” motif, which has frequently been featured on its shoes and clothing since 1949. While this design is not the first numerical typeface to echo the company’s iconic branding, it offers an updated take on its significant sporting heritage at a time when soccer design is becoming increasingly influenced by external cultural forces.

“Die Drei Streifen” for adidas

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